Way to go, Jim!

Looking good there Jim Cook!!  I met up with Jim and a few friends this morning to capture this photo as they trained for ‘the ride’.  A big ride that is!  IPF Riders will be leaving Houston on Sunday, April 16th and arriving at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Tx on Wednesday, April 19th. … More Way to go, Jim!

The Voice of an Angel

Okay, so it wasn’t necessarily the voice of an angel…it was more like a giant beagle barking into a bullhorn!  Nonetheless, it was a spectacular afternoon at the cove in LaJolla Beach, California where dozens of seals and sea lions made their home upon the huge rocks that lined the shore.  This was definitely an unexpected adventure for … More The Voice of an Angel

Bridging the Storms

Do you ever wish you could flawlessly get through every stormy part of life?  That every tough decision had a one day life span? A friend once told me that if you’re facing a difficult circumstance or having to make a difficult decision, that you should try your best to view it from the other … More Bridging the Storms