That Rainy Night in Times Square…

IMG_NewYorkCityNightWith my Little Red Umbrella!

Ok, so why NOT stand in the middle of the street for a photo? In New York City’s Times Square? In the rain? At 3:00 in the morning?

Well, probably because it WAS 3:00 in the morning!  No taxi cabs blazing around the corner, no horns blowing, and no officers blowing whistles at us to get out of the street!  I can just hear it!  The usual noise of the city that never sleeps was for a few hours in this very early part of the morning, well, sleeping.  I love those loud, crazy, somewhat chaotic sounds of the Big Apple during rush hour, which we all know, is every daylight and evening hour in New York City.  It’s what I crave.  It’s what I look forward to when heading to that jazzy, energetic metropolis!

This was a well planned trip.  My friends and I had 4 full days of broadway shows, fancy dinners, and great shopping!   The weather had been perfect throughout the entire trip.  What more could we have asked for!   Everyone on the trip was a photographer so great weather was a huge plus for an adventure such as this!  Although just as much fun, our last night was a little different than the others.  Not wanting the night to end (or the trip for that matter), my friends and I decided to see if this theatrical giant that never sleeps was capable of creating a stage for us that was quite different from any we had seen before in this city.  Since a light rain had just begun I purchased a little red umbrella from the boutique of our hotel.  Without a plan or our cameras we set out to see just what photos we could capture with our iPhones.  As the night turned into the wee hours of the morning, the multitudes of people had disappeared and there was no traffic, yet the city lights were all still on.  It was as if we had the whole city to ourselves…like an empty theater after a broadway show with all the props remaining.  NewYorkCityNights2We discovered the big red HOPE sculpture on 7th Avenue and the big red LOVE sculpture about a block away on 6th Avenue.  We were told later that if we had just gone to another corner, we would have discovered FAITH.  I’m glad we didn’t go on a hunt for a FAITH sculpture, because I’m pretty sure there wasn’t one!


It was definitely a fun night of running around Times Square taking photos with our phones while posing in the rain.  After all, there is plenty of time to take that sunny day photo!  This night, however, was about making fun, laughable memories and seeing the city in a completely different fashion.  The rain, although light, never let up.  The stage was ours for that moment!  I’m pretty sure we had ‘tourist’ written all over us.  So what do you think a couple of photographers are going to do?  Use what props we had to create our own little photoshoot.  Yes, that little red umbrella now became more than it’s intended purpose.  My friend, Dianna, threw out that great pose with that little red umbrella in hand in the middle of Times Square as I captured her playfulness!  Our little prop was captured in several photos but I chose to share this one because it was just so darn cute!

That one photo holds a great memory for us!  We were creative, open minded, and carefree that night!  We laughed and got silly!  We took a wet, dreary night in the middle of one of the busiest, fastest, craziest cities in the world and made it one of the most playful, peaceful, and joyful nights that we’ll always remember!

Sometimes plans must change and the moment that was intended to be experienced will be replaced by something with a completely different meaning and purpose.  It is completely up to me if I want to make it something worth celebrating!  That night my little red umbrella became more than just a symbol of shelter from the rain.  It became a reminder for me to embrace each moment that happens throughout life!  To find beauty in the mundane, to create joy where there is dreariness, to change darkness into something brighter…and yes, to sometimes just rest in the rain.

Here’s to little red umbrellas, good friends, LOVE and HOPE!  For they all make life a whole lot brighter!

NYC Collage