Bridging the Storms


Do you ever wish you could flawlessly get through every stormy part of life?  That every tough decision had a one day life span?

A friend once told me that if you’re facing a difficult circumstance or having to make a difficult decision, that you should try your best to view it from the other side no matter what it is, because you’d gain a much greater perspective on the situation.   I remember the day that I had to  drive to the other side of the city to visit a friend in the hospital.  I took the long way around the city just to see if my metaphorical mind could grasp ‘seeing things from the other side’. It’s a big city! What if I did not like the other side? What if I did? Would I actually base a lifelong decision on something so analogical? Even before I could reach the other side of the huge circle that surrounds this city, it became more pleasant, less chaotic, more peaceful. The view was much clearer in every direction! I couldn’t believe how this had such a huge impact on my mind! I called my friend and was happily telling her how I was in a place of clarity and headed in the right direction.

I know that there really is no way of physically seeing what the future will be like by reaching out for some metaphorical sign to give you the right answer.  Sometimes it helps to use analogies, yes it does!  But you just have to know the consequences, good or bad.  When we’re so desperate for answers, every answer that we want to hear seems right and every thing and every person seems to be placed in our path on purpose.

EVERYDAY I continue to see beauty and meaning in so many ways when I’m photographing even the simple things.  I have learned to use their depth and inspiration for my good in an attempt to perform life in a positive way.  That brings a much greater feeling of gratitude for whatever path I am on.

The day that I took this photo of the bridge over the gully happened to be quite a stormy one, and the water had crested beyond it’s banks.   The rain had stopped for awhile, giving me the window I wanted to take photos of what is usually just a neighborhood gully with walking and biking paths along its edge.  I took photos for at least an hour as I watched the water rise higher and higher.  It was a little frightening as I considered walking over the bridge with the rushing water below and higher than I had ever seen it.  So….laughing a little to myself at the memory I had of driving to other side of the city, remembering how a metaphorical moment helped guide me through making a simple career move, I stepped back to take this very nice photo, and decided that I was happy staying right where I was for that moment!

Faulkey Gully, Houston, Texas

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