Out of Focus

Nothing is ever really clear until you explore the options that lie ahead!

Somewhere outside of Banff, Canada

It’s out of focus! I know ūüôā
Since I haven’t traveled to any snow covered mountains lately, or anywhere cold for that matter, I decided to look through my photos tonight and live vicariously through my ’10-15 yrs ago’ self.

This photo was taken about 15 years ago. I was in Canada, in a place unbeknownst to me, and believe it or not, it was about 10:00 at night. I will never forget that feeling I had when I turned the corner, saw what lied ahead of me, had this enormous fear come over me, picked up my camera from the passenger seat, put it to my eye, and snapped the photo. (whew, that’s a lot of commas!) ¬†I knew I would not get that chance again so fear got put aside for a split second and I got that pic!

My biggest concern was ‘what if I get lost…there’s bears in this place! ¬†Cellphones don’t always work around these layers and layers of rolling mountains, either! ¬†And here I was in need of gas! ¬†With a paper map unfolded in the seat beside me, and thankfully not many roads to follow, I found the nearby gas station. ¬†Civilization never looked so good!

I now found myself on a new mission of locating the gas lever in my rental car. ¬†It wasn’t a very large car. ¬†I knew it was by the driver seat…somewhere! ¬†How hard could it be to find the crazy thing?! ¬†After searching for quite some time, an angel appeared to find it for me. ¬†Ok, so it was about 20 angels…Hell’s angels, that is! ¬†They were making their loud, yet slow approach into the gas station as I was having a somewhat harsh conversation with the car! ¬†This stocky, dark headed man clothed in his black leather vest, dark jeans, and boots never spoke a word. ¬†As I stood beside the car door, confused and frustrated, he kindly reached into the car and found the gas lever. ¬†I said thank you as he walked back to his motorcycle. ¬†Thinking they were all about to fill up their gas tanks, he got back onto his bike and rode away with the others alongside him.

This day was an incredible one! ¬†It was a day filled with curiosity, fear, wonder, and amazement! ¬†Following that narrow concrete pathway through layers upon layers of plush green forest to find myself gifted with that majestic view of snow capped mountains was breathtaking! ¬†It was as if it had been laid before me and now demanded my undivided attention. ¬† Expect the unexpected is what I always say. ¬†When something intriguing comes my way the reaction is always greater, the appreciation is always deeper, and fear is always less. ¬†I was extremely grateful that day….for beautiful mountains, road maps, and unexpected angels!

canada 08 014
Somewhere there was a momma bear looking for this baby!





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