That Crazy Leap of Faith!

No Turning Back Now!

“YEAH, RIGHT!!!”  That’s my response any time someone asks if I would bungee jump.  What if it’s over a nice body of water, they ask.  “Oh, I’m good!  I think I will just take some great photos of YOU jumping!  You need great photos, right?”  I envision myself leaping backwards, gracefully touching the water a million feet beneath me, and then the next part happens!  I fly back up, bouncing all over the place, banging into the rails like a pinball machine.  I can just hear the gasps and the oohs and ahh’s that replace the little bell when the pinball hits the bell!

That crazy leap of faith!  That’s what I call it.  I hear it’s one of the most exhilarating adventures that one must take.  This photo was taken outside of Whistler, B.C. over the most beautiful white rapids.  Anthony had his mind set on jumping.  There was no question in his mind.  There was no hesitation.  All safety considered, the jump was on!

Yes, it’s a great leap of faith even when you know your direction and where you’re going. Still giving control to the elements that play a role in your destiny, regardless of the length of it’s path, is a much needed effort if you’re fully aiming to accomplish something.  I have a love/hate relationship with those destinations that require the leap where there is no turning back!  It’s those paths that demand a bigger performance, complete awareness, great observation, and incredible determination!

There are quite a few days where I find myself struggling with the destinations I have set out to attain.  Do I set my accomplishments far too out of my range?  Do I have too much faith in myself and not equipped for what I feel I can accomplish?  Do I dream too big?  Do I deserve a life of accomplishment…at least one, maybe two, ok three?

Yes!  Yes!  Yes! And Yes!

I DO set my desired accomplishments out of range!  And I SHOULD!                                                             I DO have a lot of faith in myself!  And I WILL!                                                                                I DO dream big!    And I SHALL!                                                                                                                   Do I deserve a life of accomplishment?  ABSOLUTELY!  Everyone does!   At least those who work for the goal they’re pursuing.  Accomplishments are a reward for something that has been worked for, aimed for, strived for!  Accomplishments aren’t just given without efforts made.

Here’s to Determination and a Life Full of Great Accomplishments!






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