The Voice of an Angel

CaliSeaLionOkay, so it wasn’t necessarily the voice of an angel…it was more like a giant beagle barking into a bullhorn!  Nonetheless, it was a spectacular afternoon at the cove in LaJolla Beach, California where dozens of seals and sea lions made their home upon the huge rocks that lined the shore.  This was definitely an unexpected adventure for me.  The entertainment was endless!  Waves would come crashing upon the huge rocks, giving them an extra boost as they slid right out of the water onto their platform.  Their playfulness with each other was ongoing and watching them become territorial over a spot they claimed as their own became very comical!

This sea lion obviously caught my attention.  I found this amazing creature to be somewhat intriguing!  He wasn’t equipped with the worry of criticism or judgment.  (of course none of them were!)  He sang his song loud and seemingly proud with a boisterous attitude that day, and I’m sure every day before that and every day after that!  I remember thinking how awesome it would be to be that carefree.  Oh, trust me, I’d rather keep myself the way I am…you know, being human and all!  But to feel joyful like this guy did at that moment and to give expression to that great emotion!  He expressed his happy self without hesitation or inhibition!  I actually felt empowered by the concert he gave!

If there’s a beautiful moment to be shared or something wonderful to say, then I want to be able to say it, to share it, to live it!  There will always be others on the other end that will most definitely appreciate it!  To share something beautiful EVERYDAY, without hesitation, is definitely a habit worth keeping!

Perception is reality, they say…and today this cute little fella, in my eyes, was expressing himself with a beautiful song!  There was entertainment all along those rocks amongst these beautiful creatures.  It was this day that I gained a little more joy for life from a sea lion.

EVERYDAY is a great day to be entertained by the unexpected!


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