Thanks for the Show Big Guy!


After several trips on the whale watching boat at Dana Point Harbor in California and seeing numerous pods of whales over the years, I finally got to see my first breeched whale!  This humpback definitely gave us a show!  He was a real character!  I’m pretty sure he was out to impress a lady whale swimming around beneath us.

The one thing I did not expect was the moment when he came to the surface and decided to empty his lungs!  Yes, it was REALLY cool!!  Then…..the oohs and ahhs and laughter turned suddenly into one big UGHHHH!!  The taste and smell of what was just inside the lungs of that whale was now inside mine!!  Ohhhh, the pungent smell!  Leaves you covering your nose and your mouth for at least a minute or two.

Easily forgiven and forgotten though.  He was magnificent!  This enormous creature gave such a spectacular show, breeching over and over again, and leaving such a huge splash every single time!  It was as if he was waiting for us to arrive so that he could perform.  He gave a few waves with his big flippers and slapped his big whale tail as he swam around us.

Traveling to the California coast always has its rewards.  Whale watching is one of my absolute favorites!  The boat captains know exactly what the migratory route is of the different species of whales and which ones are going to be present during any given season.  It’s one of the most exciting excursions you can take!


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