My Pups and Me!


It’s usually a camera strap hanging around my shoulder.  Not a shaggy little dog!  My two little pups are great travel companions.  Thanks to those pet friendly places everywhere I go!  Barca (pronounced Bar Sa) came to live in my home when my daughter, Chelsea, was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.  I had gone to visit the breeder with intentions of bringing home the tiniest of the litter.  Barca was that runt of the litter!  However, that day he was still clinging to his little mommy and I just couldn’t bare the thought of separating them from each other.  Barca, by the way, doesn’t even look like a Shih Tzu.  He’s more like an ewok or a gremlin…it all depends on how his hair grows that month!  Sometimes he looks like that scary mask on

IMG_Barca There were so many little shih tzus bouncing around! Falling in love with all of those little pups was easy to do!  But there was one that stood out from the rest.  He had the most beautiful colors with long white hair around his neck like a little white cape.  The cutest part was his proud little strut!  This was going to be my Superdog!  Coming home with me that day, I decided to wait a bit and give him a name that fit the personality that he would show.  Well, by that evening he was a Buster!  No doubt about it!  This little guy was something.  We all know how puppies chew everything up.  He chewed it all!  Chewed shoes, bedskirts, shower curtains, and rug corners.  Anything in sight that he could get those monstrous little teeth around, he tried to eat it!  He wanted on the bed, on the sofa, in the window sill.  As he got older, he wanted car rides, and boat rides.  A restless little soul, no doubt!

Buster, the Super Dog!

When Chelsea returned from Barcelona, she of course wanted to have one of Buster’s brothers to have as her own.  So, Barca then became a part of the family.  He had different plans than Buster, though!  He went off and lived the college life with Chelsea!  If that dog could talk, I’m sure he’d have a story or two!  (I’m really glad he can’t talk!)

After a life at college, then a big move to California, Barca decided to finally come and live with his brother, Buster!  Now, I not only had one little companion while attempting to see the world, I now had two!  That somehow feels more like 4!  They have learned that the sound of a suitcase zipper means they’re either going on a long car ride, a plane trip, or an awesome week at the pet resort!  That means jumping into the suitcase as soon as my back is turned!  Who’s the boss here?!  Most people say they have me trained, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  They keep me well entertained whenever we’re together.  I have learned to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and even dog parks when I am in a city away from home.   Of course, Bring Fido has made this so much easier and actually a lot of fun!  Check it out if you travel with your pups!   I’d like to get Buster and Barca a job there!  You know, as one of the agents that you speak to….you’ll see what I mean when you open the site.  I think my guys would be a perfect fit!

A friend is always great to have, but to have a pup that’s by your side through thick and thin is priceless!  Their love is unconditional!  They know when you need them most and they bring that extra bit of love and affection that we all need from time to time!




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