Every Sunset

Lovers at Sunset

That wonderful evening when I captured this image, I was gifted with an amazing sunset that was prefaced with a late afternoon of silhouetted surfers riding the ongoing ripple of waves.   It was another brilliant setting of the sun as it melted over the Pacific.  It was as if every part of the day had set a colorful canvas before me and so lavishly painted on more vibrance as the sun continued its pace across the sky, changing its brilliant colors throughout the late hours of the day.

I waited for just the right moment for the sun to begin its beautiful decent upon the water.  When I realized that the cloud cover was too heavy to see that perfect ball of fire, I decided to make the lifeguard huts my next silhouetted subjects.  Then there it was!!!  It was as if the subjects that compliment this image came into place as if on queue.  The surfer walks away after completing an exhausting day of riding the waves and lovers stop for a long embrace, as they embrace the beauty of that perfectly lit ocean.cropped-cropped-oceansunsetlovers21.jpg

As the sun faded beyond the dark blue wall, there were those remaining few moments that allowed me to capture that one image that seemed to place its signature upon the horizon.

Signature on the Horizon

As I continue to photograph beautiful places, I find that there are moments that are laid before me, as if they are being painted before me, just for me to capture.  There is a story of wonder in many, many places.   This day, for me, brought a story of serenity, that left me intrigued by the perfect moments I was given.  It was a beauty that boldly surrounded me and keeps me going back for another sunset time and time again!

The Silhouetted Surfer





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