When I Capture A Feeling


“Learn the rules about photography so you can break them!  If you stick to all the rules, you will lose your creativity!”.   I remember this bit of advice so well.  Those were the exact words I needed to hear that day.   A very well seasoned photographer had extended these words to me during a seminar when I asked, “What is one great piece of advice that you can share with me when it comes to photography?”  Anyone who knows me, knows my appreciation for advice like this!  I always say that the day will come when I will know all I need to know about the technical side of photography.  For now, I’ll keep framing what lies before me and capturing it’s image.  My love for travel and my passion for photography give me the open doors to build upon my creative side, capture emotion through imagery, and always have a purpose when I focus on the things that lie before me.  The philosophical side of me brings all of this together when there’s a story that has been beautifully created through the lens of my camera.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao-Tzu

I always enjoy hearing from someone who has been inspired or touched by an image that I’ve captured!  I have often told others that my art has more of a philosophical tendency rather than an image that has been delicately created through camera settings, lighting, and perfect locations.  I’d like to leave that to the amazing photographers out there who diligently create such beautiful photographs.  When it comes to being great at one thing, I am definitely great at ‘loving’ what I do!  That is capturing an image before me that has touched me in some unique sort of way.  Sometimes it is a beautiful view that I have mentally framed and therefore captured. The Rose
Other times it is a metaphorical image that lies parallel to the emotions within me or ones that I have seen in others.  There are also images that are lovable, laughable, creative moments that just deserve to be captured for memory’s sake!  Whatever it is that I have captured, my greatest joy is to share it with others!

If I have created inspiration along the way for anyone in this world, then I have accomplished what I hoped to do.  Therefore, the greatness of my art is all about the story and the beauty that lies within it.

Then I Met You





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